Hydraulic Ram Repairs


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Hydraulic Ram Repairs

RAM PARTS have been repairing hydraulic cylinders since the early 1980’s and have a combined staff experience of over 90 years in hydraulics fitting and machining.

Until the 1980’s, there were few repair options in the hydraulic cylinder market place than purchasing new rods, seal kits or service exchange units from the O.E.M, usually at considerable cost.

The increased availability of pre-chromed, machinable rod and honed or ready to hone hydraulic cylinder material changed all that, allowing only the parts which had failed to be renewed thus achieving a far more cost effective solution in the vast majority of cases. For example, by far the most common hydraulic ram failure is a damaged or scored rod travelling through and damaging the gland seals, causing external leakage.

By renewing the rod and fitting new seals the problem is solved.

It will cost you typically 20% to 30% of the price of a service exchange ram.

By arrangement we can start the job as soon as it arrives at our workshop, thus achieving minimum down time for you, saving you money.

If you have a hydraulic ram repair requirement, please contact us now.

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